with homescreen you can easily bring your name on your iphone lock screen


You can easily create an awesome wallpaper for your lock screen with your name and contact data on it

So everyone can easily see that its your device and if you forget it anywhere everyone knows who's the owner

just a few seconds

Just tap on the textfields and change the data, change the background and the avatar image if you like and you are ready to go

Create your lock screen wallpaper in the menu on the bottom and then select it in your iPhone settings as lock screen wallpaper


Just swipe through our gorgeous collection of wallpapers on the top of the screen or select your own wallpaper from the menu on the bottom

avatar image

With just a tap on the avatar image in the center of the screen you can bring your own picture on the lock screen

get it back

When you loose your iPhone, and you are a lucky guy, you have the chance to get it back

whoever finds it knows whos the owner



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